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  Technology Ability

  Beijing Groundsun Technology Co., Ltd. (GS) a national high-tech enterprise which specialized in enhanced heat transfer technology, equipment R&D, design and sale. After 20 years of development, GS has cultivated a professional technical team which consist heat transfer calculation engineers, structural design engineers and R&D engineers. This technical team accumulated rich experience after decades of enhanced heat transfer technology research and equipment design. The heat transfer design technicians are able skillfully use the HTRI software to calculate heat transfer process, pressure drop, vibration analysis and the liquid static head of reboiler, which could offer the optimum equipment selection plan. The structural design technicians are able to use the SW6 and PV Elite strength design software to calculate and design the special structural of enhanced heat transfer equipment, which could provided a safer and more economical design plan. Meanwhile, GS hired a number of industry experts as R&D consultant to provide guidance and advice for research and application of our new techniques.

  Manufacture Ability

  Langfang Guangsha Xinyuan Petrochemical Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd., is the wholly-owned subsidiary and manufactory of our company, which is located in Langfang Yongqing Gas Industrial Park. The production area of the factory is 66670 m2, construction area is 15000 m2, office and other construction area is 7900 m2. The factory owned the Level A2 pressure vessel manufacturing qualification and the ASME certificate of authorization "U”. GS also has the authentication of "ISO9001 Quality System Management", "ISO14001 Environmental Management System" and "OHSAS18001 Occupation Health Safety Management System".

  At present, the annual production of high efficiency heat exchange equipment capital is 6000 tons, the biggest single high efficiency heat exchange equipment weights 177 tons, the biggest single heat transfer area of 6000 m2 and the biggest diameter is 3300 mm.

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