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  During the past years, Beijing Groundsun Technology Co., Ltd.(GS) is strictly adhering to our company philosophy -" Technology-Based and Innovation" committed to research, popularization and application of heat transfer enhancement technology and rank high in China domestic industry. Through collaboration with domestic and foreign authoritative organizations and world-famous universities, extensive researches in non-phase change, condensation, boiling and solid-liquid heat transfer enhancement have been carried out. GS has developed heat transfer enhancement products with independent intellectual property rights, including corrugated tube heat exchangers (stainless steel, carbon steel, copper or titanium), inside or outside porous surface GTL tube heat exchanger and powder flow heat exchanger. GS and its wholly-owned subsidiary have acquired more than one hundred national patents. Titanium corrugated tube and GTL tube heat exchangers were listed in China Torch Program projects.

  At present, GS is providing project design of heat exchangers, heat transfer enhancement problem diagnosis and energy-saving reconstruction.

  Gas is and will be always adhering to independent innovation and innovation model called "Combination of Production, Teaching and Research" and aiming at energy saving, emission reduction. GS is devoted to developing ourselves into experts of heat transfer enhancement and innovative company with market influence.

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