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Porous coated tube has a sintered porous metal layer on the tube surface which significantly increased the vaporization core numbers to enhance boiling heat transfer efficiency.

Main advantage of this technology: high heat transfer coefficient, small heat transfer temperature difference, high critical heat load, rare fouling and high cost-effective.

Main application fields: boiling working condition in oil refining, petrochemical, chemical, air separation, refrigeration, food and pharmaceutical industries.

According to different working conditions and customer' demand we can provide inlet porous coated tube, outlet porous coated tube and Double-side reinforcement tube. The tubes' material is carbon steel, austenitic stainless steel, copper, Cu-Ni alloy and other materials. "Metal porous corrugated porous coated tube development and application" got through the approval of CPCIF (China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation) as Science and Technology Appraisal in May 2012. Metal porous corrugated GTL tube was awarded 3rd Prize of CPCIF Science & Technology Progress.

Based on years of experience on enhanced heat transfer research and market application, Ground Sun has reached the leading domestic level in calculation and application of porous coated tube heat exchanger. 1 million ton/year ethylene plant as FREP, Sinopec Tianjin Company, Sinopec Zhenhai Refining & Chemical Company, Shanghai SECCO Petrochemical Company Limited, Sinopec Wuhan Company etc. are all used our Olefin Separation GTL Tube Heat Exchanger now. Our products have a significant market advantage in new MTO projects.



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