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GTL Tube Heat Exchangers Running Smoothly at Shaoxing Sanyuan

2015-12-31 14:57

 October 2014, Yongchao Liu (General Manager of GS) and Yinglin Qu (Manager of Technology Support Apartment) visited PDH devices sites of Sanyuan Petrochemical Co, Ltd. in Shaoxing, Zhejiang. They calibrated the process parameter as the equipment is running. The single weight of this batch reaches to 176 tons, which is the heaviest single device we ever produced. Through investigation, those devices are full load operating, and reach the design requirements, which have been highly valued and trusted by our customers. The operation of those PDH devices is of significant importance to all-round nationalization of core equipments, reducing total investments and increasing product competence. Also, it sets up a crucial model function of product promotion in this industry area for us.

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