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2014 Top 100 China Chemical Equipment Company

2015-12-31 14:56

The Working Committee of Small and Medium Enterprises and the National Petroleum and Chemical Industry Network (branch of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation) determine the list of “2014 Top 100 China Chemical Equipment Company”, by accordance with the principle of fairness, justice, public, non-profit and the selection method, after enterprise registration, industry experts evaluation, committee evaluation and review, Beijing Guangsha has awarded the 92th place.


To become the Top 100 is not only a recognition to us in high efficient heat transfer technology and equipment manufacturing capacity, but also an affirmation on our chemical industry performance. It even is an inspiration and motivation to us on the future work. GS will hold this favorable opportunities of industries developing as petrochemical, coal chemical, energy saving and environment protection to expand the application of our products to an even more wiled field. For localize chemical equipment and revitalize national industry, we will to make our efforts.

Passed the Supervised and Review of Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems Next

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