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Powder Flow Heat Exchange is a low energy consumption powder flow heat exchange technology, which is developed based on heat transfer theoretic research and equipment manufacturing process development, and combine the technology of powder uniform flow and septet heat transfer. This technique changes the traditional equipment status as large size, too much corollary equipments, high energy consumption and heavy maintenance works. The most remarkable characteristic of this technique is reduced power consumption, under the same handling ability, Powder Flow Heat Exchange only take 1% power consumption of the traditional fluidized bed cooler. Also, it easier to operate and maintain, takes smaller area to occupied and environmentally friendly.

Powder Flow Heat Exchange is using in cooling powder materials before packing in soda ash, chemical fertilizer, food, mineral and other industries which powder product need to be drying or cooling before packing.

The development and application of the technology of the Powder Flow Heat Exchange has passed the Science and Technology Achievement Appraisal of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association (CPCIF) in July 2013, which authenticated the technology has up to international advanced level and suggested accelerate extensive and broaden the range of application. It also has won a Science and Technology Progress Award of China Soda Ash Industry Association (CSIA) in 2009.



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