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Corrugated tube enhanced technology is for no-phase and condensing heat transfer. The key of this series is the corrugated or helical shape, as liquid flow through the tube, it could disturb the liquid fluid and break the boundary layer of laminar flow on both outside and inside. The increase of turbulence will improve heat transfer, and the spherical hump will shrink the condensate film on the outer tube surface which will raise the condensation heat transfer coefficient. Also, the increase of turbulence could help avoid dirt deposition on the tube surface, delay equipment scaling.

The main feature of this technology is high heat exchange efficiency, low scaling, and better self thermal compensation. Compare to the traditional plain tube, it also has the advantages as easier to operate and maintain, better energy-saving effect, and it is the energy saving produce which generalized by Ministry of Science and Technology.

Based on the shape of the tube, the corrugated tube could separate as thin-walled corrugated tube, thick-walled corrugated tube and spiral corrugated tube.

Main application is almost including all fields, such as fertilizer, soda ash, oil refining, petrochemical industry, coal chemical industry, thermoelectric and city heat supply.'




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